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Finance Minister KN Balagopal on Wednesday urged the Public Works Department (PWD) to explore ways to reuse materials used for road construction.

Inaugurating an initiative by PWD to install ‘contract management signs’ on 12,322km of roads it manages, Mr Balagopal said reuse was important as building materials had no sustainable source .

The Minister also stressed the need to find more efficient ways to use rubber in road construction. Rubberized roads had a longer life and were better for vehicle tires. The state budget had earmarked ₹50 crore for rubberized roads. Increased use of rubber in road construction would also benefit the rubber sector in the state, Balagopal said.

PWD’s plan to upgrade more than half of its roads using asphalt macadam and asphalt concrete (BM and BC) by 2026 would improve road quality and help reduce annual road maintenance expenses, said Mr. Balagopal.

The PWD was erecting blue-colored signs showing the name and telephone number of the contractor and relevant PWD officer and contract details on 12,322 km of roads under “operating contracts” for their interview. These were routes where the Defect Liability Period (DLP) had expired.

Presiding over the ceremony, Public Works Minister PA Mohamed Riyas reiterated that by 2026, more than half of the 30,000 km of roads managed by the PWD would be upgraded using BM and BC. “Contract management committees” would introduce more transparency in road maintenance, he said.

Previously, the PWD had installed 3,200 green-colored signs on various roads indicating the DLP.