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A construction industry expert, referring to the problems in this industry, said: Industrial construction of buildings as well as the use of modern materials can be a quick fix to solve house construction problems in Iran, so that the productivity of this industry increases faster and the housing crisis decreases.

According to our report, Koroush Mahdioun added: The problems of the country’s construction industry cannot be solved by the entry of foreign companies, such as Chinese or Turkish companies. Although it is necessary to use the power of these companies in the field of construction, it is wrong to rely 100% on foreign countries in this matter.

He clarified: If there is cooperation with foreign companies in this field, it should be done in the form of a joint venture and with the transfer of modern technology. We have clearly seen the negative result of their cooperation in the satellite settlements of the capital. The result of which was the loss of public confidence in the face of mass construction.

He said that knowing about the problems and obstacles in the industrialization of construction in Iran is one of the main ways to promote this industry and underlined: In the construction industry of the country, there is no adequate information on problems such as insufficient resistance of buildings against earthquakes, short life of buildings, erosion due to various climatic factors, excessive production of construction waste and the impossibility of recycling building materials. Even if it exists, it is scattered over a large part of our country.

He saw the collection of this information as a factor that can lead to improvement and problem solving in the construction industry in the medium term and said: I continue to believe that what can lead to high efficiency in the short-term construction industry is the combination of modern knowledge and modern devices with modern materials.

He considered the use of unskilled workers as one of the main reasons for the inefficiency of current systems and added: In this area, training workers and familiarizing them with new methods can play a complementary role.

Finally, referring to the slogan of 1401 and the role of knowledge-based enterprises in solving the problems of the construction industry, Mahdioun noted: The use of national knowledge-based enterprises in the construction industry house building can play an effective role in upgrading this industry and increasing productivity, provided we try to implement and market these achievements by identifying and investing in knowledge-based businesses.