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RAPID CITY, SD — Rapid City’s building permit assessments set a record for the first half of this year.

Over 250 permits were issued in June, totaling over $34,000,000. For the first half of the year, valuation totals were over $260,000,000.

The top five valuations were:

  • CB Rapid City Holdings LLC with RCS Construction as contractor for The Radiant, an upcoming 42-unit apartment complex on Racine Street
  • Tall Grass Apartments LLC with Mountaintop Construction as contractor, for Phase 2 of the Tallgrass Building project on Philadelphia Street
  • Muth Holdings LLC with Select Construction as contractor, for upcoming 15-unit Haines Apartments on Haines Avenue
  • City of Rapid City for a multipurpose building and shed on Cook Hangar Lane
  • Rushmore Crossing Associates LLC with Jackovic Construction Company as contractor, Five Below specialty store coming to Eglin Street

And with more housing on the way, city leaders are also working to attract a wider variety of businesses.

“With more people in particular areas, they’re going to demand particular businesses in their neighborhoods,” Rapid City’s communications coordinator explained. “So we anticipate that with all the housing developments going on, there will be a structured push for amenities and business, and commercial development as we move forward.”

The Rushmore Crossing shopping center is expecting a total of four new stores, one of which, Buckle, is already open to the public.