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More than $112.8 million in

permits issued in May

RAPID CITY, SD—Rapid City had its second-highest month on record for building permit assessments in May, issuing 337 permits with a combined total assessment of more than $112.8 million ($112,847,038).

May’s total valuation shattered the previous May valuation record set last year when permits were valued at $44.4 million. Additionally, the issuance of 337 building permits last month was the best month for permits issued since July 2021.

The only month with a higher permit valuation total than last month was November 2019, when the City issued 362 permits with a combined total value of $123.4 million. In November 2019, the City issued the largest permit in the history of the community for the Monument’s Summit Arena.

For the year, the city issued 1,188 building permits with a combined total value of $228 million, the highest January-May total in city history. By comparison, the January-May total of last year was $174.3 million on the way to a record $393.5 million for the year in permit valuation.

“It was a very busy month for our building services staff last month,” said Vicki Fisher, director of community development. “It’s not uncommon to end each month with a handful of permits worth a million dollars or more, but with eleven permits valued at more than a million dollars, four of which exceed the value of five million dollars, it’s been a great month.”

The city’s building services division issued 11 permits last month with a total value of more than $1 million each. A permit was issued to the Rapid City Area School District with Scull Construction, Inc. as the contractor. The permit is valued at $61 million for the new South Middle School at 2 Indiana Street. A permit valued at $8,378,000 has been issued to Our Lady of Perpetual Help Cathedral with Rangel Construction Company as the contractor for an addition to the cathedral at 520 Cathedral Drive.

A permit worth $7.5 million was issued last month to Tallgrass Apartments II LLC for the Tallgrass Phase 2, Building 2 project with Mountaintop Construction, Inc. as the contractor. The facility will be located at 2258 E. Philadelphia Street. A permit worth $5,416,035 has been issued to CR Lloyd Associates, Inc. with Lloyd Companies as the contractor for the Heartland Heights apartments at 413 Degeest Drive. A $2 million permit has been issued to Buren Properties LLC with Complete Contracting Solutions as the contractor for a facility addition at 7201 Mount Rushmore Road.

Four permits worth $1.8 million each have been issued to Johnson Ranch Apartments LLC with Select Construction as the contractor for the apartment buildings at 2036, 2040, 2044 and 2048 Provider Boulevard. A $1.2 million permit was issued to Enchanted LLC with Zeisler Construction LLC as the contractor for an apartment building at 4805 Fifth Street. A roofing permit valued at $1,054,223 has been issued to Roth Farms LLC with Stellar Restoration Services, LLC as the contractor for the installation at 2135 Dakota Craft Drive.